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How's My Driving?

Questions, comments, sarcastic remarks? I'm taking them all here.


I've ooo-ficially left Historic Savannah. Said place is ooo-ficially a fuckin' ghost town.

...No, scratch that. I wish it was. Ghost towns haven't got bodies in them. Seems to me most of the victims cleared outta the historic district though. The college is rancid, though. They got buildings all over the place and it's like the rot is climbin out the windows.

Never thought that'd happen but then where I come from there's zombies that clear out the leftovers.

I tried to nab a car and leave but there's fuckin roadblocks and pileups all around. Garbage trucks. Tanks. Somebody wanted to keep people in. So I'm on foot. Might find a bike or somethin' similar as I get along but for now it's just road.

Just saying now, for anybody that's traveling: Avoid cars. Find something else.

Once I've got proper fuckin transportation I'm headed for Atlanta. Anybody here that's out there already?
[guy nearly falls over as he turns the camera on and sits down. Hotel room. Possibly a bed and breakfast. Much nicer than his last one because who the fuck cares at this point?]

Now, I don't know what the fuck brought us all here, but it really ain't fair to pull a person from one apocalypse right into another one. Or at least, if you're gonna do it, O' Shiny Fucky God of Outsiders, you might think not t'shoot us up with false hope by droppin' us here right before it all goes kablooey again.

And I was really lookin forward to that Green Lantern movie.

Fuck you, Apocalypse.

[And he slides off the bed.]


City Market ain't as crowded as it was a couple days ago. Considering this is a tourist spot and it's a Friday, that's suspicious, right? Most everybody around here's got the sniffles pretty bad too.

Why the Hell ain't the news talkin about any of this? Seems like every time someone gets a cough there's something on about the bird flu that may or may not kill us all.

Found somethin online that mentioned people like me -- claiming to be from somewhere else (real smart fellas they ALWAYS believe that). Can't find it anymore. Even saved it, I thought. People were sayin it was a stunt. But they called us "Outsiders". Their quote marks, not mine.


[Private to Outsiders]

If you can see this then you're one of them. Goddamn I hope this works like it did on the Barge. How many of you are out there?

...And how many of you have been dreaming?

(ooc: Tallahassee is just naturally paranoid because LOL plague. It's just a big coincidence that he's actually right to be paranoid. It's now the point where the good and bad dreams and dream logs can start. For Mother Abagail and Flagg dreams, assume they were generally short and EXTREMELY VAGUE, to start. Maybe even incomplete.)
There's people here like me. There has to be. If you weren't born here, if you have no idea why you're here, sound off. I've spoken to one already. 'S there more?

I've seen one or two things about a virus on the west coast and some ditch in Texas getting shut down. Why can't I find anything on news sites about this? I can't even find any local news places from that town, either, and that's weird. Every place has got a website, right?

...Now I'll admit? I ain't exactly the best at this Internet stuff, but any dumbass can use Google, right?

(ooc: I wanted to give some indication that things are going on. As of this point, there's rumors floating around, probably on personal blogs and such, about people getting sick on the West coast and Arnette, Texas being shut down. Tomorrow the flu will have officially reached the East coast! No reported fatalities yet but some blogs might have popped up. Use the internet while you've got it!)

-0- Application for projectbluerpg

This would also be a good time for anybody from TLV that's still friended him to un-friend this account.

App under cutCollapse )
So here's the situation, everybody: My Inmate has graduated, and that means -- well, the Admiral's keeping up his end of the deal, so I got to go. I'm not gonna say this place didn't have its surprises or sick practical jokes; it did, but when the prize at the end is so important you gotta be willing to wade through a lot of puree of shit, barbed wire, and broken glass to get to it. And if you want it bad enough, you will.

Understand -- if I weren't needed back home now, I'd stay for more. This place might be about saving the souls of a bunch of other people, but I feel like it's changed my life too. It was nice to be around people again -- that's right, I admitted it.

So is this the last time you see me? Maybe. But nothing's for certain, right? Now if ya'll park your boat in Zombieland -- God forbid -- don't forget to look me up; I'll show you how to have a good time.

Private to SpeedyCollapse )

Private to KansasCollapse )
Private to RexCollapse )

[ooc: I couldn't write out all his goodbyes, but just bear in mind that if you were buddies with Tallahassee he probably left you a note. He also pulled apart that beaded hemp necklace he wears and has left one in every envelope. If people want to spam with him, that's fine, and can be done in this thread if another one hasn't been started. I will continue to backdate him even after the official drop, just for those. I don't intend to re-app Tal, since the only reason he'd ever come back to Warden is if Buck went and got killed again, and that's just too damn depressing.]


Damn pub reopening couldn't have come too soon, could it? 

But then there's a greater attraction to getting drunk when you might not have to run at any moment. ...Not that my being intoxicated has ever helped a zombie much before.

[Private to Martha Jones]

Gimme an update on the Doc, girl. I'm goin nuts over here.

[Private to Wichita]

So...Columbus is gone.

25 - Audio



[mumble] Jesus Christ in lowrider jeans...

(ooc: Meta has left the Barge. And Tal is going looking for him.)